Frequently Asked Questions

What is HoPscan?

HoPscan is your new way of doing your shopping online. You can buy anything from anywhere and send it anywhere to anyone on the globe. You can shop from our website ( or download the HoPscan app for iOS or Android to come.

First, select your favourite store in the country and city you would like to shop from  and explore various product or service categories they offer. Now, start adding products to your shopping cart and that’s it!

You can then select a shipping method, choose for your recipient to pick up the products from the store or a delivery driver to deliver the products to your recipient’s door hustle free.

Do I have to transfer money separately for my order to be processed?

No, HoPscan values your time. After you have placed your order, we will never call you to send money separately for your order to be processed. All you have to do is to select your store, select your products and pay using your usual payment methods and that’s all. Your store will do the rest and notify you about your order status.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept various payment methods including Credit cards (all major credit cards), debit cards and PayPal.

Who can be a recipient?

A recipient can be yourself (the shopper/Customer) or anyone you choose located anywhere in the world, provided there is a registered HoPscan Business who can ship to his address. At checkout time, various shipping options are available based on recipient’s location.

What are the different shipping options available?

As a Shopper/Customer, you select your shipping option at checkout time as follows:

  • In-Store Pickup: Your recipient will come and pick himself the items from the Store. No shipping fee applicable.
  • Home Delivery: A HoPscan Delivery Driver will carry the package to your recipient’s home. The delivery fee is based on the distance (KMs) between the store location and your recipient’s address.
  • Flat rate: When your recipient’s address is located in the same sector as you favorite store, a flat fee is applied.

How can I benefit from HoPscan while being abroad?

While being abroad either on a trip or residing in diaspora community you can do the following with HoPscan:

  • Buy items from your current local stores and get them delivered to your door at home;
  • Take care of your family back home by buying from back home stores and get products delivered and services rendered to your friends and relatives in your home country
  • Book products and services you need before departure to a new destination including back home hotels, houses, and cars.
  • Sponsor and help your friends and family succeed only once. Wherever they are, open an online business, appoint them as managers and allow them to reach their financial independence.
  • Help Other People Succeed and make sure your money goes to the right place, fulfilling your intended goal.
  • Transactions on HoPscan are considered as purchases and not cash withdraw from your credit card. Therefore you pay less interest rates while you pay the money back to your Credit Card.
  • We know how valuable your time is. HoPscan helps you make a purchase, relax and wait for order delivery confirmation. Nothing else.
  • Not only you can make a purchase for your recipient, but you can also request your store to provide a small cash back to your recipient for any item you may have forgotten to buy for him.

How can orders reach my recipients?

Remember the merchant you are purchasing from and your recipient are always in the same country. You buy from a Store in a country and we deliver in the same country. The above specified shipping options (in-Store Pickup or Home Delivery) are applied to deliver to your recipients. In all cases, you get notified when an order has been picked up or delivered.

What if my recipient is located in rural remote places?

No worries! Just select Driver Delivery as delivery option while you’re placing your order. It will be easier if there is a HoPscan business partner in that area. Your Store will deliver your products using store Delivery Drivers to reach any corner where your recipient is located. We encourage you to open a store in those locations where you think they are needed. We’ll help you register any store anywhere, free of charge to help more people get what you want help them with.

How can I make sure my order has reached my recipient in remote places?

  • In all cases, you can always track the status of your order by logging into your account on HoPscan application.
  • At the time of order confirmation, a verification code is generated by the system and provided to both you as the shopper and your recipient (if you send your order to a recipient).
  • In case of In-Store Pickup of the order at the merchant’s location, the recipient must reveal a one Time Passcode (OTP) to the merchant in order to pick up the order. Note no vendor will have the ability to release the order without having OTP validated by HoPscan systems.
  • In case of a Home Delivery, the recipient must reveal the OTP to the Delivery Driver prior the order being released to him. The OTP must be validated by HoPscan systems.
  • Whenever the OTP is validated by HoPscan Systems, the order is released to your recipient and you get a confirmation SMS that your order has been delivered.

When is the best time to place my order?

HoPscan is an international platform and any time is time to order, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the time of the day and opening business hours. Orders placed during store business hours will be delivered the same day. Orders placed when the store is closed will be lately delivered the next day depending of the store and recipient time zone. However, orders placed later on Fridays and weekends may wait until the next Monday to be delivered, depending on store opening days.   

What Countries and Cities have stores available on HoPscan?

HoPscan gives you the opportunity to take care of your own shopping for friends and family all over the world. Currently, HoPscan has stores available in Montreal/Canada, Kigali/Rwanda and Bujumbura/Burundi.

Stores available to you will vary depending on the Country and City you would like to shop from.
To choose a store, search for the country and the city and or address where your recipient is going to receive the products or services and the available stores will be displayed.

Is there a limit on how many recipients I can have?

No, you can add as many recipients as you want in your HoPscan Customer account. At checkout time, you have the opportunity to select one specific recipient you want to shop for.  You can only shop for a single recipient and from one single store at a time.

In case I choose my order to be delivered, is there a fee and how much?

Yes, a shipping/delivery fee will have to be paid for delivered orders. The fee will depend upon the distance between the store physical location and the recipient’s address where the order is to be delivered. The fee will always be dynamically calculated and displayed for you to confirm before you complete your order.

How can I make sure my recipient is available to receive the order?

Your store Delivery Driver will always call the recipient before delivery is attempted to make sure there’s someone to receive the order or to make delivery arrangements.

What to do if there is an issue with my order?

Should you have any question with your order, you can always first reach out to your store via an online Order Support system available on each merchant’s website within HoPscan Marketplace. You can also chat with the Store directly or Chat live with one of our Customer Service Representative. They will be happy to help you.

What if I want to make a change to an order or cancel for a refund?

Refund and changes may be allowed on specific products and countries. The recipient is requested to verify your order before acknowledging the receipt. Otherwise, the return/refund policy will be applicable based on the warranty against the product.

How long does it take to receive a return/refund?

If applicable, refunds are immediately processed for refundable product. But it may take 5 up to 10 business days to receive it, depending on your bank. If a refund is not reflected in your account after 10 business days, please contact your bank directly. Some banks take up to two weeks to process refunds.

If applicable and approved, a return is immediately processed for returnable products and arrangements are made to make the product available to the recipient.

How can I check the status of my order?

Within your account, you can always track your order status from the time you ordered until your order is picked up or delivered. The order will progress through the following status: Placed, processing, out for delivery and complete. Notifications are sent by email and text message to your registered mobile phone.

What else can I do with my HoPscan Customer Account?

  • Check all my order history
  • Manage my recipient so that I don’t have to enter a recipient all the time I came to purchase
  • Manage my returnable/refundable products
  • Manage my bookings
  • Chat support
  • Chat with any store or HoPscan administration

How can I open a store online with HoPscan?

Opening an online store on HoPscan is simple and only takes less than 5 minutes of your time. Jus register on and apply to become a vendor. Once your application is approved, you start uploading your product and prices and immediately start selling worldwide.

What do I need to open a store online with HoPscan?

You just need to have an official registered business in the country you want to serve and comply with HoPscan terms and conditions. You will need an internet access to access your Business account.

Do I have to open my online store in capital cities or big towns?

No, you don’t need to be in big towns. Your store can be located in any corner of the country. You will always be able to sell your product and services to customers from the whole world as they do have friends and family members they want to send some treats from your shop. You will have the opportunity to hire local drivers to work for you delivering products.

Who pays the driver delivery fee

At checkout time, if the customer wants his package to be delivered, he is the one to pay for the delivery fee.

What do I get as a HoPscan registered online store?

  • Stores registered on HoPscan have their own website they have the following possibilities:
  • Reports such as Sales by day, Top Selling products, Top earning and periodic statement.
  • Receive instant SMS notifications when an order is placed on their website so that they can prepare the delivery as soon as possible.
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Reviews provided by customers on y our products
  • Manage orders they received from customers
  • Manage Return/Refund Requests
  • Manage Staff of your store and give them permissions of what they can/cannot do
  • Assign orders to drivers electronically and a notification SMS is sent to the driver
  • Hire and register drivers on HoPscan platform
  • Chat with their customers with an integrated chat support system
  • Provide Coupons to their customers
  • Support customers on their orders

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